Undefeated Patriots And Panthers Top The 5 Things To Be Thankful For In The NFL

With 11 weeks now complete, this has been a whirlwind of a season in the NFL. Combing through the many exciting/depressing/shocking/uplifting events that have taken place thus far, what better time than Thanksgiving to look at what NFL fans should feel most grateful for?

1. New England Patriots And Carolina Panthers Both A Perfect 10-0

The chances of a perfect 19-0 season grow with each passing week, as the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots continue to stay undefeated. While I believe that ends this week for the Panthers, the Patriots show no signs of slowing down. Cam Newton and Tom Brady have turned the MVP race into a two-horse field, as both quarterbacks strive for perfection. While highly unlikely, NFL fans should be thankful there is even the possibility of two undefeated squads squaring off in Super Bowl 50.

2. There Are Zero New England Patriots Cheating Allegations

Isn’t it nice that we can all just focus on football? No Spygate, Deflategate or Watergate scandals to discuss this NFL season make it so much more enjoyable. In a season that seemed destined to have Roger Goodell dominate the headlines, it has been surprising to hear his name so rarely mentioned. While Tom Brady’s anger toward the Commissioner is being channeled at the other 31 NFL teams, it sure has been a treat to watch.

3. James Jones’ Wardrobe Choices

I get it – Minnesota, November, outside and playing a sport where getting tackling is brutally painful in the cold. However, that still doesn’t justify James Jones’ decision to wear a sweatshirt underneath his Green Bay Packers jersey. Even with his impressive six catch, 109-yard and one touchdown performance, the sweatshirt needs to be banned. If players can’t show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness, guys shouldn’t be promoting hoodies fans can find at the NFL Store. Thanks James Jones, we are now much more grateful for the other 1,695 NFL players who choose not to wear a sweatshirt under their uniform.

4. Tony Romo Is Back For The Dallas Cowboys

You know that glorious time of day on Thanksgiving when you debate whether or not to start stuffing your face or to hold out until dinner? Yeah, that’s when the Dallas Cowboys will be on television facing the Carolina Panthers. Take a second to imagine how quickly you would lose your appetite if you had to watch Matt Cassel or Brandon Weeden lead the Dallas Cowboys’ offense instead of Tony Romo. But have no fear NFL fans, Romo’s return from injury will make this showdown the best game of the day.

5. The Existence Of FanDuel, DraftKings, And Any Other Daily Fantasy Sports Site

I get it, anti-gamblers. But for the die-hard fantasy football fans, it has saved the season. In a year that has seen Le’Veon Bell, Jamaal Charles and Arian Foster suffer season-ending injuries, many fantasy football teams have been completely ruined. However, Daily Fantasy Sports have saved the day. Helping disgruntled fantasy owners forget about their season-long drafts, die-hard football fans now have a new way to lose money. Cheers to you while we still can, FanDuel and DraftKings, because you probably won’t exist (due to legal purposes) by next Thanksgiving.

Photo Credit: FOX Sports, Goal Line Gazette, ESPN, Star-Telegram, MarketWatch