Tom Brady And The New England Patriots Keep The 19-0 Dream Alive

The perfect Patriots made a trip to the Meadowlands Sunday, for a clash with Eli Manning and the Giants. Although many predicted a rout by the Pats, that was far from the case.

Early on in the first quarter, Manning hit the one and only Odell Beckham Jr. for an 87-yard touchdown strike to quickly even the game at 7-7. The ex-Super Bowl hero, Malcolm Butler, fell for a “Madden-like” move on the outside, which eventually led to OBJ waltzing into the end zone.

As the game progressed, so did defensive end Jason Pierre Paul’s activity. The new “four fingered wonder” harassed Brady as if he were after Tom’s wife, Gisele. His constant pressure caused the two-time MVP to throw contested passes left and right.

Manning, as sharp as ever in the first half, hit Dwayne Harris in the back left corner of the end zone for a 17-10 halftime edge. Eli had a career-best first half with 251 passing yards, and finally beat his brother Peyton in some aspect of life.

We all assumed the second half would be a different story, and that proved to be the case. After going up 26-24 with limited time remaining, the Giants let their foot off the gas.

With ice in his veins, Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski drilled a 54-yard field goal as time expired. “You’re one kick away from being Public Enemy No. 1,” Gostkowski said. “You’re always one kick away from trending on Twitter as the No. 1 loser in America.” With this attitude, Gostkowski knew it was do or die for the Pats. Gostkowski didn’t just give his team their ninth win of the season; he kept their hopes of perfection alive.

If the New York Giants can’t end the Patriots’ pursuit of perfection, it doesn’t seem as if anyone can.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail