The Worst Starting QBs In Each NFL Team’s History

New England Patriots: Rohan Davey

The Patriots have been set at quarterback for quite some time now – Tom Brady, ever heard of him? It’s difficult to judge the other QBs on their roster given the lack of playing time afforded to Brady’s backups. That being said, we didn’t need to see much of Rohan Davey to know he wasn’t cut for the pros. Bill Belichick actually spent a fourth-round pick on Davey two years AFTER he had secured Brady in the 2000 NFL Draft. Davey lost the backup gig to a geriatric Drew Bledsoe, and then lost the third-string job to a seventh-round pick named Matt Cassell. Following an illustrious collegiate career at LSU, Davey threw for as many touchdowns in the NFL as you and I did (zero).

Image Source: Joe Robbins-GETTY Images