The Quest For 16-0 Is Now Down To 6 Teams

Green Bay Packers

With their only single digit victory coming in their Week 1 road game against the Chicago Bears, the Packers have continued to impress. Aaron Rodgers is playing equally well to last year’s MVP season, and the Green Bay offense is rolling. Even after losing Jordy Nelson to a torn ACL in the preseason, any concerns about Green Bay’s depth at wide receiver have been answered.

The win against the Seattle Seahawks was arguably the most important game on Green Bay’s schedule, serving as a strong reminder of how important home-field advantage will be in the playoffs. With Green Bay holding a two-game lead over the Seahawks through four weeks, the chances seem slim that the Packers will find themselves playing at CenturyLink Field this postseason.

The Packers are extremely fortunate to be members of the NFC North. I’m not sure if the Lions, Bears and Vikings are secretly cheering for the Packers to win it all, but all three seem content with mailing it in this year.
While only the Vikings have shown any interest in trying to win games against other NFL teams, they don’t possess the firepower to keep up with Green Bay.

Going 6-0 against NFC North opponents seems likely, but games at Denver and Arizona prevent the Packers from coasting through the season. They will come the closest to regular season perfection, but just like 2011, they will come up one game short.

Prediction: 15-1