The Best Quarterback of All-Time For Every NFL Franchise

Buffalo Bills: Jim Kelly

Kelly guided the Bills to four-straight Super Bowl appearances. While the team went 0-4 during these contests, the feat is still immensely impressive nonetheless. Kelly possessed a rocket arm — spraying the ball to all parts of the field. The former Miami star was a 5-time Pro Bowler. When looking at the remainder of the Buffalo signal-callers, none came close to Kelly in terms of advancing deep in the playoffs.

Runner-up: Jack Kemp

Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton

Much like Wilson, Newton is currently in the midst of his career. Though Carolina doesn’t have an exceptionally long history as a franchise, Newton is the top dog in this category. He led Carolina to the Super Bowl two seasons ago. Newton’s excellent play on the field led to him being named as the league MVP in 2015. Newton’s huge frame — coupled with his mobility — has made him a very dynamic player.

Runner-up: Kerry Collins

Chicago Bears: Sid Luckman

Luckman was revolutionary from the standpoint he was the first T-formation signal-caller the game has seen. Essentially, this means Luckman will take the snap from under center and will either hand it off to his running back, or will drop back and throw it long. For the times, this is a departure from the popularity of running the ball with the signal-caller. The Hall of Famer was a 5-time First-Team All-Pro, and led the Bears to four championships. He was unquestionably the top passer within the league during the early-to-mid portions of the 1940’s.

Runner-up: Jim McMahon

Image Sources: ESPN, Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports, CBS Sports