The Best And Worst Case Scenarios For All 32 NFL Teams In 2016

2. Atlanta Falcons

Best case: The Falcons go back to the offensive playcalling that led to a 6-0 start in 2015: throw the ball to Julio Jones every play. To do that, newly signed Mohamed Sanu will need to be slightly less terrible than the skeleton of Roddy White that occupied the second receiver spot last season. A running game would also help, as the Falcons can only hope Devonta Freeman breaks the first 40+ yard run of his career (329 carries, 0 runs of 40+ yards). Head coach Dan Quinn finally turns the Falcons into a defense that shows interest in stopping their opponent from scoring, as Vic Beasley stays healthy, Desmond Trufant continues to be a shutdown corner, and Dashon Goldson only gets fined once in 2016 for an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit.

Worst case: Devonta Freeman continues his career average of 4.0 yards per carry, showing off zero burst and horrendous vision. Through the first four weeks of the season, Sanu leads the league in dropped passes, resulting in “bring back Roddy” chants from a consistently disappointed Falcons crowd. Dan Quinn gets fired after a Week 7 home loss to the Chargers, and the Falcons decide to bring back Mike Smith. The defense plays uninspired football for (what feels like) the eighth straight year, and Julio Jones remains the only Falcon any other franchise would like to have on their team.
More likely: Worst case

Image Source: GetMoreSports