The 25 High Schools Who’ve Produced The Most NFL Players

23. Longview High School (Longview, Texas)

Total NFL Players: 23
Current NFL Players: 3

Longview High School in East Texas is known as a factory for professional athletes. Aside from NFL players, the school has produced NBA players (David Wesley), professional soccer players (Jose Torres), and MLB players (Chris Davis). Specifically though, the NFL has benefited greatly from alums of the high school.

Trent Williams went to Longview. He’s arguably the best LT in the game today — and is likely a sure-fire future member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Former RB Chris Ivory went to Longview High School, as did kicker Josh Scobee, DB Bobby Taylor, and LB Travin Howard.

Image Source: KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/Getty Images