Talib Receives Smallest Paycheck Among Broncos Following Super Bowl 50 Win

The Denver Broncos left Super Bowl 50 with the Lombardi Trophy in hand, but it certainly wasn’t due to the play of cornerback Aqib Talib. While Talib had a great season and was instrumental in getting the Broncos to the final game, he committed two personal foul penalties in the Super Bowl and looked out of sorts throughout.

After the game, Talib called his second personal foul – a facemask penalty – one that he “just did on purpose.” It was a vicious yank of Panthers receiver Corey Brown’s facemask and one that eventually led to a Panthers touchdown.

Visibly unapologetic after the game, Talib told the media: “It’s probably going to be a fine, but hey, we’re world champs.”

Talib has proven to be correct in this assertion, as the NFL just announced that they have fined the controversial cornerback $26,044 for his two personal foul penalties in the game. And since each member of the Broncos receives a bonus of $102,000 for winning the Super Bowl, Talib will be the only player with a 5-digit paycheck ($75,956).

The NFL has been mulling over a policy in which players would be ejected for committing two personal foul penalties in the same game – a rule that Commissioner Roger Goodell has publicly supported. However, with no such rule in place, Talib was able to remain on the field for Denver’s first Super Bowl title since 1999.

Under contract with Denver until 2019, it’s safe to assume Talib’s antics while wearing a Broncos uniform are far from over.

Source: ESPN, SportingNews