Re-Drafting The Ridiculously Talented 2012 NFL Draft

29. Minnesota Vikings: Dontari Poe — DT

Original Spot For Poe: 11th Overall
Original 29th Pick: Harrison Smith – S

The dancing bear out of Memphis has proven himself to be one of the better nose guards currently in the NFL. Through the first six years of his career, Poe — a two-time Pro Bowler — has played in 92 of a possible 94 games. His ability to stay healthy has been a boon for both Kansas City and his current team, Atlanta.

A few biscuits short of 350 pounds, Poe utilizes sheer girth and impressive power to impose his will on interior offensive linemen. Rarely can any team find such a massive individual with above-average quickness. It enables Poe to be very good against the run — as well as moderately decent versus the pass. During his Pro Bowl years, Poe combined for 10.5 sacks in two years. This is highly impressive for any nose guard, let alone one hovering around the 350-pound mark.

Image Source: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports