Ranking All 55 Super Bowls

53. Super Bowl LIII — New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams

Result: New England 13, Los Angeles 3

For the most part, teams led by Tom Brady played in very entertaining Super Bowls. However, Brady’s final Super Bowl appearance with the Pats was a snoozer. To reach the big game, New England scored 41 and 37 points in its two previous wins. Los Angeles’ offense was second in the NFL in PPG and YPG. However, both offenses were shutdown in this matchup. LA’s Todd Gurley was slowed by a balky knee and was held to 35 rushing yards. Tom Brady and Jared Goff combined to throw zero touchdowns and two interceptions (one apiece). It wasn’t until the 7:00 mark that New England scored the game’s only touchdown. Disappointing, underwhelming, boring…dreadful.

Image Source: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

52. Super Bowl XXIV — San Francisco 49ers vs. Denver Broncos

Result: San Francisco 55, Denver 10

Joe Montana’s fourth and final Super Bowl with the Niners sure was special. San Francisco entered the 1989 season as the defending champion, and Montana and Co. weren’t going to let anyone take over the top spot. The Niners finished the regular season 14-2 and dismantled its two NFC opponents to reach the Super Bowl — beating Minnesota 41-13 and the Rams 30-3. Led by John Elway, the Broncos were in the Super Bowl for the third time in four years. In this lopsided affair, Elway went 10-of-26 for 108 yards and threw two interceptions. Meanwhile, Montana was unstoppable — tossing five TD passes, three of which were caught by Jerry Rice. San Francisco also won the turnover battle 4-to-0. Denver never had a chance.

Image Source: Rich Pilling/Diamond Images/Getty Images