RANKED: The Top 24 QB-WR Duos of All-Time

24. Matthew Stafford/Calvin Johnson: Detroit Lions

Stafford and Johnson (aka Megatron) had six full seasons together in Detroit. During this time, Johnson accrued four 1,000-yard seasons — and completely dominated the league. Johnson’s large frame, coupled with his insane athleticism, rendered defensive backs useless. Stafford’s exceptionally strong arm also aided in Johnson’s prowess on deep-ball opportunities. Johnson made six-straight Pro Bowls with Stafford as his quarterback. Duly, Stafford had 163 touchdown throws during his tenure with Megatron on the roster. 67 of those 163 went to the mammoth wide receiver.

23. Ben Roethlisberger/Antonio Brown: Pittsburgh Steelers

In the post Stafford-Johnson era, Brown and Roethlisberger are the unquestioned best QB-WR duo currently playing in the league today. Brown has established himself as a lethal No. 1 option in Pittsburgh. He’s been a 5-time Pro Bowler — missing out on the honor only once (2012). Roethlisberger has made four Pro Bowls himself during his time with Brown on the team. This duo gets a leg-up on the Stafford-Johnson twosome for the fact that Pittsburgh has enjoyed a much lengthier playoff history.

22. Kurt Warner/Torry Holt: St. Louis Rams

It’s a shame Warner and Holt weren’t able to play for a longer stretch of time. Holt came into the league the same year that St. Louis won the Super Bowl. Holt hauled in 215 receptions for 3,758 yards 19 touchdowns during the insane three-year stretch in which Warner threw for 12,612 yards and 98 touchdowns. Had the connection between Warner and Holt lasted longer than five years, they would’ve easily been much higher on this list.

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