RANKED: The 25 Most Overrated QB’s Of All-Time

23. Matthew Stafford

In 2017, Stafford signed a five-year extension worth $135 million. At the time, it was an NFL record (though more recent ones to Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan have since surpassed it). Regardless, Stafford is one of the league’s highest-paid players. However, he’s not performing like one. Many become enamored with Stafford’s arm strength. With that said, he’s been only¬†okay as a starting signal-caller. Stafford’s career record as a starter is below .500 (62-68). He’s also 0-3 in his postseason career. Stafford isn’t untalented — though he lands on this list based upon the hype (and money) he’s accrued.

Image Source: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports