RANKED: The 16 Best QBs of All-Time To Never Win A Super Bowl

16. Dave Krieg

Dave Krieg was a 3-time Pro-Bowl quarterback, who spent a majority of his seasons with the Seattle Seahawks. Krieg had a great career, and despite not winning a Super Bowl, he was a winning quarterback with a record of 98-77. He was incredibly durable, playing 19 NFL seasons, in which he threw for 261 TD passes. Krieg played in nine different playoff games, and was able to lead his team to two AFC Championship games. However, both of those games ended in losses, and he was never able to make a Super Bowl appearance.

15. Vinny Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde was an NFL journeyman who played for seven different teams in 21 seasons. This former No. 1 overall draft pick went to two different Pro-Bowls. Testaverde’s best season came in 1998, when he threw 29 TD passes and only 7 interceptions, and he led his team to an AFC Championship game. However, the season ended there, when his New York Jets came up short against John Elway and the Denver Broncos. Testaverde had a long career, but had an overall losing record, tallying 123 losses, which is still the most of any quarterback in NFL history.

Image Sources: Seattle Seahawks, Pinterest