Predictions for 2022-23 NFL Season

New Arena senior writers Jason Fray, Dylan Fraychineaud, and Harris Ahmadzai will offer their divisional and postseason predictions — as well as major awards predictions — for the upcoming 2022-2023 season.

AFC South

DF: Indianapolis Colts

The AFC South is a two-team race. With the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars set to jockey for the No. 1 overall pick for a third year in a row, that leaves the Colts and Tennessee Titans to battle it out for the division crown. The Titans have won between 9-12 games six-straight years, and have won the division the past two seasons. The Colts collapsed in the final weeks of the 2021 season, but I am confident the addition of Matt Ryan will be the difference in the division (as well as Tennessee being without star wideout A.J. Brown). Indy will finish 11-6, two games ahead of the Titans.

HA: Indianapolis Colts

It would be foolish to count out the Tennessee Titans who have won back-to-back AFC South titles. And, they did so last year with star running back Derrick Henry missing half of the season. That being said, the Titans took a severe hit with the departure of A.J. Brown. Additionally, they’ll be playing a rugged first-place schedule which includes road tilts versus the Bills, Chiefs, and Packers. Indianapolis is coming off a disappointing end of ’21, but have a new quarterback in former league MVP Matt Ryan. Ryan’s experience and accuracy projects to be the perfect complement in Frank Reich’s offense. Riding the talent of stud running back Jonathan Taylor, the Colts march to their first AFC South title since 2014.

JF: Indianapolis Colts

The Colts on paper appear to be the most talented team within the division. Jacksonville and Houston project to be dreadful. Tennessee will be the stiffest competition in the South. However, one must wonder if the Titans are getting a bit stale. They rely a ton on Derrick Henry, and despite his robot-esque effectiveness — he will fall off at some point. Duly, Ryan Tannehill lost A.J. Brown in the offseason (only to be replaced by Arkansas rookie Treylon Burks and an aging Robert Woods). Matt Ryan’s experience should enable the Colts to win this division with room to spare. It also helps having the league’s best RB in your backfield (Jonathan Taylor).

Image Source: USA TODAY Sports