Peyton Seeks Guidance From Unlikely Source Regarding Post-NFL Options

Having been the face of football for nearly two decades, many have come to expect that Peyton Manning will stay in the limelight as an NFL commentator. However, according to Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead, Manning is mulling over his post-retirement options before committing to anything.

In fact, McIntyre reported that Manning spoke with longtime commentator, John Madden, seeking guidance and career advice. With it being widely known that CBS offered Manning an NFL analyst position alongside Jim Nantz, Madden surprisingly suggested that Manning choose a different route.

Similar to what John Elway has done since his playing days with the Denver Broncos, Madden recommended Manning pursue a front office job or get involved in the ownership of a franchise. It’s not hard to picture Manning as a GM, as his knowledge of the game is arguably second to none, and he has the charismatic personality needed to attract top talent.

As a New Orleans native who spent the majority of his career playing for the Indianapolis Colts, the Saints and Colts could easily be landing spots for Manning. While both teams have experienced plenty of success under their current executives, recent team struggles and Manning’s newfound availability could lead to some front office changes.

Manning unintentionally had the perfect mentor to set himself up for success in his post-NFL career. For the past four seasons, Manning watched Elway beautifully construct a Super Bowl winning roster for a franchise he once played for – a process Peyton will now hope to emulate.

Source: Bleacher Report, wkrg