One Lock on Each NFL Team For The Pro Football Hall of Fame

Arizona Cardinals — J.J. Watt

Career Highlights: 3x Defensive Player of the Year, 5x All-Pro, 5x Pro Bowl, All-2010s Team

In a word, dominant. Watt was an elite player the minute he graduated from Wisconsin and entered the NFL. We’ve seen him cultivate a physique via videos in the woods where he’s tossing around massive logs as if they were chopsticks. Truly ‘country strong’ in the best sense of the term, Watt would routinely shuck offensive linemen around akin to throwing a decorative pillow off your bed. He possessed immensely quick hands, a wicked punch, and the bend to get around the edge. While a plethora of injuries have slowed him in the last few years, the four-year prime he enjoyed from 2012-15 (where he notched a combined 69.0 sacks) is as impressive a stretch as we’ve ever seen.

Image Source: Rob Schumacher-Arizona Republic