Oakland Raiders Show Disrespect By Refusing To Commemorate Super Bowl 50

The Oakland Raiders are in the headlines, but not because of their 37-33 win over the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2. While they certainly played well in their home stadium, the big story is what was lacking on the field itself.

To commemorate Super Bowl 50 this year, the NFL has requested that each stadium paint the 5 and 0 at the 50-yard line gold. While the other 31 teams have complied with this request, the Raiders have taken it as an opportunity to express their displeasure with the NFL.

Believed to stem from the NFL’s lack of effort in trying to build Oakland a new stadium, the Raiders seem to feel as if they are sending a strong message to the league. To make matters worse, San Francisco’s Levi Stadium was granted the honor of hosting Super Bowl 50, while Oakland is still left playing at O.co Coliseum.

If this is the Raiders’ master plan to get the NFL to either re-locate them or help build a beautiful new facility, it seems to be off to a slow start. But based on the pace at which the Raiders have assembled a respectable on-field product (haven’t made the playoffs since 2002), they have no problem being patient.

Photo Credit: CBS Sports, VICE