NFL Tries To Frame New England Patriots With Headset Controversy

Following the very first game of the regular season, a new tampering charge is already being linked to the New England Patriots.

During the Steelers-Patriots opening night game, headsets being used by Pittsburgh’s coaching staff were picking up New England’s radio broadcast signal. Initial reports surfaced that the Steelers planned to file a complaint with the NFL, but Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten denied those rumors.

With the coaching headset debacle fixed by the start of the second half, Gillette Stadium seems to have a spectacular propensity to repair any competitive advantages at halftime.

The timing of this bizarre mishap could not be worse for New England. Even though the NFL handles all communications equipment for both teams – meaning the Patriots (shockingly) could not have been involved – this is still the last thing the organization wanted following their Week 1 victory.

Rather than focus on Gronk’s three touchdowns or Brady’s razor-sharp precision, we are left discussing a technology malfunction that wouldn’t be a story if it involved any of the other 31 NFL teams.

Let’s just hope the Patriots don’t pull the old Vaseline trick to make their defensive line impossible to block in Week 2. Actually, they face Rex Ryan and the Bills, so for the sake of the Belichick-Ryan rivalry, I hope they do.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports