NFL Rallies Around Family of Former TE Todd Heap With ‘Hugs From Holly’ Campaign

Former NFL TE Todd Heap and his family suffered the unimaginable last month — as Heap accidentally hit and killed his three-year old daughter Holly while trying to move his truck onto the driveway of their home.

The support for the Heap family has been widespread — ranging from former NFL players to complete strangers. May 3rd would’ve been Holly’s fourth birthday. As a means to pay tribute to her loving memory, the Heap family has initiated the ‘Hugs From Holly‘ campaign.

The family suggested these three things in order to celebrate Holly’s life:

  • Wear PINK in Holly’s honor
  • Make a plan to share hugs and spread love & joy through random acts of heartfelt kindness for those in your community.  Smile more.  Compliment somebody.  Write a kind note.  Share treats (or chicken nuggets).  Do a free lemonade stand.  Leave a bigger tip than usual.  Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru.  Donate a book in Holly’s honor.  Turn up the music and dance… the list is endless.  Be creative!
  • Capture your family spreading joy and post your pictures using the hashtag #hugsfromhollyday

28 of the 32 NFL franchises posted support for Holly and the Heap family on Twitter. Many players — both former competitors and teammates of Heap’s — issued personalized messages as well:

The unbridled love and benevolence demonstrated by individuals all across the country in support of the Heap family is truly special.

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