NFL Head Coach Salaries, Ranked

T-23. 10 of the 32 NFL Head Coaches — ???

Unlike the players on an NFL roster, teams aren’t obligated to disclose the amount paid to their coaches. Here are the nine coaches whose salaries remain a mystery:

Brandon Staley (Los Angeles Chargers), David Culley (Houston Texans), Dan Campbell (Detroit Lions), Nick Sirianni (Philadelphia Eagles), Arthur Smith (Atlanta Falcons), Matt Nagy (Chicago Bears), Brian Flores (Miami Dolphins), Mike Vrabel (Tennessee Titans), and Sean McDermott (Buffalo Bills), Rich Bisaccia (Las Vegas Raiders).

A coach’s salary doesn’t count against the team’s salary cap, which has led to some massively lucrative deals in the past (more on that later). Of course, some offers get leaked. It didn’t take long for reporters to get the details on the $100 million deal Jon Gruden signed in his return to the Raiders. However, other teams stay hum about the agreements they make with their head coaches.

Of the ten coaches whose salaries aren’t known, six are first-year guys — Staley, Culley, Campbell, Sirianni, Smith, Bisaccia. The other four are veterans who have all led their teams to 10-plus win seasons. The teams that employ Nagy, Flores, Vrabel and McDermott have not disclosed any contract information, though it is confirmed that none of the four are in the top-10 of salaries.

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22. Kevin Stefanski, Browns — $3.5 Million

For the job Kevin Stefanski has done in Cleveland, his salary probably deserves to be doubled. He’s introduced stability to an organization that has been as chaotic as any major professional sports team. Take a quick look at Cleveland’s former head coaches and it’s easy to see why Stefanski was such an important hire for the team. The improvement Cleveland made from Freddie Kitchens to Stefanski is worth millions of dollars on its own.

Replacing the much-maligned Kitchens, Stefanski helped turn around a Browns team that reached their first postseason since 2002 in his first year on the sidelines. His work with Baker Mayfield alone is enough to prove that he was a worthy hire. After a troubling sophomore season for the former No. 1 pick, Mayfield looked comfortable operating in Stefanski’s offense. Getting Mayfield on the right track and a commitment to the run game has the Browns eyeing a potential Super Bowl in 2021. Stefanski’s worth for the franchise is currently invaluable.

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