Marshawn Lynch’s Mother Does The Talking For Her Son’s Frustrations

Marshawn Lynch is a man of very few words, especially when it comes to talking to the media. After his hilariously entertaining interviews leading up to the Super Bowl, Lynch became a polarizing figure who detested the idea of being forced to answer the media’s redundant questions.

No one is positive as to where this disdain stems from, but we now know that Lynch did not acquire this trait from his mother. Following the Seahawks’ overtime loss to the St. Louis Rams, Marshawn’s mother, Delisa Lynch, took to social media to express her disappointment in Seattle’s play-calling.

Referring to offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell as “the worst play-caller ever,” the rant on Delisa’s Facebook page was an embarrassment to both Marshawn and the Seahawks’ organization.

For fans of any other NFL team, you have to love what is taking place before our eyes. The Seahawks are nowhere near declining as a franchise, but fans can only hope that dominoes are beginning to fall.

Maybe Russell Wilson’s uncle can complain that the Seahawks’ offensive line coach is doing a terrible job, or Richard Sherman’s cousin can complain about the cornerback only getting to roam the right side of the field.

It’s still too early to know what is in store for the Seahawks this season, but at the very least, I’m hoping Delisa Lynch’s Facebook rant helps her land a gig as the next NFL mother on Chunky soup commercials.

Source: Twitter