Le’Veon Bell Pulls April Fools’ Prank That Some Steelers Fans Didn’t Find Funny

Pittsburgh Steelers faithful and NFL fans across the country were holding their breath yesterday when star Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell took to Twitter to announce his departure from the franchise.

Bell tweeted:

With Marshawn Lynch and Calvin Johnson already announcing their retirements earlier in the offseason, Bell’s tweet seemed to be another blow to the league and its fans. That is, until people began to check the calendar and notice it was April Fools’ Day.

Bell’s ominous tweet couldn’t have been timed better, and had plenty of fans wondering whether it was real. In fact, the reactions by some fans were so hysterical that Bell began retweeting them:

While many were quick to realize it was in fact April 1, plenty of fans certainly panicked for a moment while staring at the screen.

Bell eased the minds of fans later in the day by tweeting:

The possibility of the franchise running back prematurely leaving the team and the NFL momentarily brought back memories of Detroit Lions star Barry Sanders leaving 17 years ago. And with Calvin Johnson’s retirement earlier this offseason, Lions fans across the country are hoping Johnson takes a play out of Bell’s playbook and announces his retirement was an early April Fools’ joke.

Source: Twitter, 247 Sports