Hall Of Fame Receiver Is Offering His Services To The New England Patriots

Terrell Owens hasn’t donned an NFL uniform since 2010. However, that hasn’t stopped the future Hall of Famer from believing he can be a key contributor to this year’s New England Patriots squad.

With a current receiving corps decimated by injuries, the Patriots are in dire need of pass-catchers. Despite being 41 years-old, is it so crazy to think Owens could be an impact player for the Patriots?

Yes, it is absolute insanity.

Five years out of the league is an eternity. T.O. is quick to point out he never officially retired from football, but there’s an easy explanation for this – he was so bad at the end of his career that no one cared enough to hear the announcement.

As if his lack of ability isn’t enough of a reason, Owens is also the complete opposite of the kind of player Bill Belichick and the Patriots sign. Never known as a “locker room guy” or one to keep his opinions to himself, New England is well aware of the many headaches that would come with bringing Owens into the fold.

With his financial troubles and unsuccessful Canadian Football League stints no secret, this is nothing more than a desperate attempt by Owens to get back in the headlines.

In Owens’ defense, New England’s current set of receivers (Keshawn Martin and Brandon LaFell) could give anyone the false sense of hope that they could still compete in the NFL.

Unfortunately for T.O., his arrogance is clouding reality.

Owens had one of the greatest careers as a wide receiver in NFL history. His 153 career receiving touchdowns (3rd) and 15,934 receiving yards (2nd) will certainly earn him a spot in Canton, Ohio. For most people, that would be enough.

But, for better or worse, Terrell Owens isn’t most people.

Source: CBS Sports