Greg Hardy Is No Different From Ray Rice… But No One Wants To Admit It

Greg Hardy should not be in an NFL uniform.

Disturbing photos have emerged from the recently closed domestic abuse case involving Greg Hardy. Deadspin just released the images, which serve as the first tangible proof of abuse after months of a convoluted ‘he said-she said’ case.

The haunting narrative from Nicole Holder which details being strangled, thrown and hit by Hardy has not been enough to convince the public of the star defensive end’s violent ways. Because unlike Ray Rice, there isn’t a viral video or graphic images to 100 percent prove Hardy’s insanity.

But it’s time for the public to understand that this isn’t a desperate attempt to exploit an NFL player’s bank account for financial gain; this is a woman whose life was put in danger by an unstable man now roaming the streets freely. There is evidence to support it, and Hardy’s erratic behavior on the football field only seems to confirm it.

Quite unsurprisingly, Hardy, the NFL, and the Dallas Cowboys have declined comment with regards to the recent photos. Despite the impending investigation, Hardy has actually seemed to profit from the added attention.

Cowboys owners Jerry Jones continues to commend the defensive end for the leadership he has shown, and has publicly discussed a contract extension. Jones has made plenty of terrible personnel moves as an overbearing owner of ‘America’s Team,’ but he is now making awful personal judgments as well.

If the Cowboys are to continue admiring Hardy for his on-field contributions, he will never be held accountable for his behavior. Domestic abuse continues to plague the NFL, and until Hardy is removed from the field, no progress can be made.

There may not be video of a physical altercation between the defensive end and Holder, but stop trying to deny it – Greg Hardy is no different from Ray Rice.

Photo Credit: Elite Daily