Future Hall Of Fame Coach Outraged With How Things Ended In New York

Despite long-time coach Tom Coughlin “resigning” from head coaching duties in January, it has become increasingly clear that he was forced out the door. The Giants missed the postseason for the fourth consecutive season, and the front office felt it was time to move in a different direction.

While Coughlin remained professional following his resignation, he hasn’t hidden his disdain for the way things were handled. When speaking on the Michael Kay show, Coughlin said, “Don’t think that there aren’t some hard feelings there. There are. That’s just natural. I just try to control them when the moment is right.”

Since parting ways with the Gaints, Coughlin interviewed for the San Francisco 49ers’ and Philadelphia Eagles’ head coaching vacancies. Both franchises chose to go in different directions, leaving Coughlin without a head coaching gig for the first time since 2003.

Coughlin spent 12 seasons coaching the Giants, guiding them to two Super Bowl victories during his tenure. While New York has already hired his successor in last year’s offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, it hasn’t stopped Coughlin from still hanging around the facility. He has expressed an interest in still being involved with the Giants’ organization, but he hasn’t been given an official role.

The 69-year-old endured heavy criticism this year for his inability to properly manage the clock in late-game situations, frequently drawing the ire of Giants fans. But as a strategist and an x’s and o’s guy, there aren’t many better than the future Hall of Famer.

Coughlin isn’t ready to move on from the NFL, saying, “I would like to say close to the game in some capacity.” With his impressive track record spanning more than 30 years, any team would be lucky to acquire his services.

Source: ESPN, CBS New York