Eli Now The Best Quarterback In The Manning Family

A few years back, Eli Manning was considered the poster-child of inconsistency for NFL quarterbacks. Everyone recognizes his brother Peyton’s greatness, but Eli continues to be overlooked.

Well, the youngest Manning brother is making quite a compelling case to be considered on the same level as his older brother. Although the Broncos have flourished this season with Peyton at the helm, their success has had almost nothing to do with their offense. A stout and aggressive defense has carried the stagnant Denver offense to a surprising undefeated start.

Meanwhile, Eli is posting some of his best career numbers on a Giants team that looks poised for a return to the playoffs. Of course, it helps Manning to have Odell Beckham Jr. catching one handed throws in his sleep. But, he has also spread the ball around while looking the part of an NFL superstar.

Few could live up to the seemingly unattainable standards that comes with being in this family, but Eli has done a magnificent job. Two Super Bowl wins (and MVPs) over Tom Brady and three Pro Bowl selections justify a Hall of Fame career. Critics are quick to point out his poor seasons, but no one can argue with his brilliance this year.

Fresh off of a six touchdown, zero interception performance against the New Orleans Saints, Eli should have another huge game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week. While Eli continues to get overlooked, he will keep chugging along to make the case that his legacy is more similar to Peyton’s than many realize.

Photo Credit: Georgetown Voice