Broncos Will Give Peyton “As Much Time As He Needs…” Until March 9

Coming off their first Super Bowl victory since 1999, the Denver Broncos certainly want to enjoy the moment. That includes quarterback Peyton Manning, who has yet to make a decision regarding his future football plans.

After battling through injuries all season, few expected Peyton to come back and win his second career Lombardi Trophy. And while a Super Bowl 50 title would be an extraordinary ending to cap off a historic career, Manning has constantly said that he would like to “take some time.”

The Broncos appear more than happy to grant him this, as executive vice president of football operations and general manager John Elway weighed in on the matter: “I’m sure he’ll sit down with his family. Eventually we’ll talk to him too and go through that. There’s no timeline for that right now.”

There might not be a timeline right now, but there definitely is one in the very near future. The new NFL season officially begins on March 9, meaning Denver would want an answer from Peyton by then. Manning’s contract he signed in 2012 has him earning $19 million in the upcoming season, which would become guaranteed if no decision were made before then.

Obviously, Peyton’s $19 million is an extremely significant portion of the Broncos’ salary cap, and has a large bearing on what Denver could do this offseason. Super Bowl MVP Von Miller is set to be a free agent, and the Broncos’ No. 1 priority will be to re-sign their stud outside linebacker.

Denver also has other key contributors set to become free agents, making Peyton’s undecided availability all the more complicated. So while the Broncos remain supportive of Peyton, what they really mean is: “take as much time as you need, but make a decision before March 9.”

Source: ESPN, USA Today