Blockbuster Nick Foles-Sam Bradford Trade Already Proving Its Insignificance

Are Rams fans laughing at Eagles fans, or is it the other way around?

When the Philadelphia Eagles sent Nick Foles to the St. Louis Rams in exchange for Sam Bradford, it was extremely unclear who came away the winner. Chip Kelly’s meticulously calculated roster overhaul gave the impression he knew something about Bradford that the Rams didn’t, but 10 weeks into the regular season, we find ourselves back at square one.

Sam Bradford has a concussion and a shoulder injury, which will keep him out for the next two games, and Foles has been demoted to back-up quarterback duties. Surely Rams fans were ready to scream “told you he can’t stay healthy” as soon as Bradford went down, but is Foles worth more than an injured Bradford?

With Bradford, the Rams were at least able to hold out hope that the former No. 1 overall pick would eventually live up to his immense talent. In Foles, they have an unheralded four-year veteran whose one statistically dominant season becomes more of an anomaly with each passing game.

Only 10 games into his young St. Louis career, Foles has already been replaced by Case Keenum – if that’s not rock bottom in the NFL, then what is?

As both franchises sit at 4-5, it’s clear this was not the pivotal offseason transaction so many claimed it to be. Chip Kelly’s Bradford-DeMarco Murray experiment has been disastrous, and Foles’ deep-ball tendencies haven’t meshed well with the Rams’ short-passing game.

At this point, franchise legends Donovan McNabb (38) and Kurt Warner (44), despite their ages, would give these teams a better chance to win.

Photo Credit: CBS Sports