The Best Player For Each NFL Franchise

32. Jacksonville Jaguars – Fred Taylor, RB

Career Stats/Accolades: 11,695 rushing yards, 74 touchdowns, holds 42 Jaguars records

The Jaguars were expanded into the NFL in 1995, and have had an up-and-down run ever since. In their first few seasons, the Jaguars were an AFC power due to an uneven expansion draft process which left Jacksonville with a rather good team from the onset. However, since 2008, the Jaguars have made just one postseason appearance. They have also experienced some of the worst QB play of any franchise in the league.

Taylor was the Jags’ lead back during its best run from ’98-’07. 2007 was incidentally the first time Taylor was named to a Pro Bowl roster (the running back’s 10th year in the league). By then, Taylor had averaged 84.4 rushing yards per contest — and had reached pay dirt 69 times through 123 starts.

Image Source: Kevin C. Cox/GETTY Images