Baltimore Ravens Continue To Find New, Excruciating Ways To Lose

There were 12 NFL games on Sunday, and assuming each team took the field with a 53-man roster, there were a total of 1,272 players. Of the 1,272 men in uniform, no one is feeling worse today than Baltimore Ravens defensive end Elvis Dumervil (except Peyton Manning).

Down 20-19 with 66 seconds left at their own 20-yard line, Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars took the field hoping to win their first road game since 2013. Facing a 3rd & 15, Bortles completed an 11-yard pass over the middle to Julius Thomas to bring up a 4th & 4 at Baltimore’s 49-yard line. With the clock about to hit zero, Bortles snapped it at the last second as his receivers ran down field for a desperate ‘Hail Mary’ heave.

But have no fear – Elvis Dumervil came to the Jaguars’ rescue.

Before Bortles could even set his feet to fire one to the end zone, Dumervil sacked him. There was only one issue for Baltimore fans – Dumervil’s tackle involved pulling so violently on Bortles’ facemask that it looked like he might decapitate Jacksonville’s quarterback. The personal foul resulted in a 15-yard penalty, and enabled Jason Myers to kick a game-winning 53-yard field goal.

It felt like a fitting end for the 2-7 Ravens who have now lost all seven games by a single digit margin. But even taking into account the many close losses, this one was certainly the most painful.

Unfortunately for Ravens fans, they have no one to blame but Elvis Dumervil/Dumb-ervil/Doom-ervil.

Photo Credit: Pressbox