Aaron Rodgers Thankful To Have The Detroit Lions In His Division

Patience is a virtue, especially in the NFL. The Packers are 6-2, yet people are pouncing on them like they are 2-6. There’s no need to panic after consecutive losses against the best defenses in the NFL (Carolina and Denver).

Despite playing a stingy Carolina pass defense last week, Rodgers went for 369 yards, four touchdowns and one interception. Halfway through the season, Rodgers has amassed 1,937 passing yards, 19 touchdowns and only three interceptions. Double these numbers, and his season projections start to look quite impressive, even for Rodgers’ standards.

If Green Bay had defeated either the Broncos or the Panthers on the road, they would be considered the clear favorite to win the NFC. But back-to-back losses in the NFL can raise major doubt, and cause analysts to jump off the bandwagon. While the No. 1 seed seems far-fetched with the Panthers two games ahead and owning the tiebreaker, the Packers are still in perfect position to grab the No. 2 seed and clinch a first round bye.

Of course, Green Bay’s chances of winning their division and finishing second in the NFC rests solely on the shoulders of Rodgers.

For the next four weeks, Green Bay plays every team in their division, plus the lowly Detroit Lions for a second time. That spells great news for Rodgers and a Packers offense looking to get back on track, as each NFC North defense ranks in the bottom half in terms of defensive efficiency.

The Packers host the 1-7 Lions this week before traveling to Minnesota in what should be a crucial game for division title hopes. While Green Bay certainly has that game circled on their calendar, their showdown against Detroit this week should serve as a perfect confidence booster for Rodgers.

Bring out the paper bags, Lions fans. They will definitely come in handy this week at Lambeau Field (and not because it will be cold). Detroit and their 31st ranked defense’s only chance is if Rodgers decides to throw left-handed to keep things interesting.

Since that doesn’t seem likely to happen, this one should be a blow-out. Rodgers reminds fans he’s the defending MVP, finishes as the No. 1 scoring fantasy quarterback this week, and does the ‘discount double check’ too many times to keep track of.

Photo Credit: BSO