25 Young NFL Players Who We Already Know Are Busts

QB Jordan Love (2020, Green Bay)

Nobody knows the exact reason why the Packers decided to use a first-round pick on a QB with Aaron Rodgers still firmly in his prime. Maybe the team was trying to conjure up the same sort of magic the conjured after selecting a 22-year-old Rodgers with a three-time MVP Brett Favre still on the roster. There’s certainly an argument to be made that it lit a fire under Rodgers who is on his way to securing a second-straight MVP trophy. However, the selection may also be what ultimately drives Rodgers out of town.

Selecting Jordan Love started a clock on Rodgers’ remaining time in Green Bay. There were rumblings that Rodgers could be traded to another team dating back to last year’s draft. The two sides worked out an agreement for Rodgers to be with the team in 2021 – but that it would also be his final year with team. Early results for Love’s development haven’t been promising. If you’re going to make a pick which alienates Aaron Rodgers the player you selected better be special. So far, there’s no indication of Love being that caliber of player.

Image Source: Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports