1 Player Couldn’t Help But Criticize Peyton Manning After Retirement Decision

Peyton Manning officially retired from the NFL today after 18 Hall of Fame-worthy seasons. Capping it off with a Super Bowl 50 title, it was a fitting end for one of the greatest quarterbacks the sport has ever seen.

But as former coaches and players pay their respects to the all-time passing leader, one former competitor felt the need to take a few shots at Peyton. Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams had this 7-tweet rant over the course of 44 minutes discussing Manning:

Williams is of course referring to Manning’s horrendous 9 touchdown, 17 interception 2015 campaign that led to Peyton calling it quits. He was far from the quarterback we had grown accustomed to in his first 17 seasons, but despite his struggles, the Broncos were 10-2 in games he started this season.

Much of Williams’ frustration may stem from the fact that Peyton and the Broncos eliminated Williams and the Steelers in the divisional round of the playoffs this season. Manning was far from sharp with 222 passing yards and 0 touchdowns against Pittsburgh, but Denver eked out a 23-16 victory.

The outspoken running back can complain all he wants, but between the Super Bowl 50 victory and a cemented legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, it’s pretty clear Peyton Manning has the last laugh.

Source: Bleacher Report, NESN