Virginia Cavaliers Fan Can’t Bear The Pain

There really isn’t a better depiction of what it must feel like to be a Virginia Cavaliers football fan.

After scoring the go-ahead touchdown with just under two minutes left in the game, Virginia’s defense allowed Notre Dame to march down the field for a game-winning touchdown with 12 seconds left. To make matters worse, this was led by the Fighting Irish’s back-up quarterback DeShone Kizer after starter Malik Zaire fractured his ankle earlier in the game.

Despite not being able to see the fan’s face that is helplessly buried in the brick wall, it conveys all you need to know about life as a Virginia football fan.

With a tendency to lose to strong teams in the most painful ways imaginable, it’s possible it actually has nothing to do with Virginia. Instead, it could be their mascot, the Cavalier, which seems to lose when it matters most, no matter the sport. The name DeShone Kizer will always make Virginia football fans cringe, but LeBron James is who the Cavaliers faithful should be most upset at.

With the next opportunity to break this curse not taking place until next June’s NBA Finals, Virginia fans are left knowing there is little hope of success on the football field. Instead, they will be linked to Internet memes and useless articles discussing it as one of the top universities in the world.

It’s time to start taking a page out of other dominant football programs’ book – a little less focus on academics, a little more focus on the gridiron.

Photo Credit: College Spun