College Football: Top 25 Head Coaches Heading into 2021-22 Season

25. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa

What can you say about Kirk Ferentz…the man simply knows how to get results. Iowa is by no means a destination job nor location for big-time recruits. As such, Ferentz has built this program from the ground up. The grassroots efforts extend solely into player development. Ferentz is especially adept at cultivating NFL-level offensive linemen who had close to zero notoriety in high school.

Ferentz went 1-10 during his first year with the school. Since then, he’s led the Hawkeyes to six seasons with at least 10 wins. This includes 18 bowl appearances, two conference titles, and an Orange Bowl win. Remember (with all due respect), we’re talking about Iowa here. The amount of success Ferentz has accrued must be applauded.

Image Source: Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports