Which Hall of Famers Do These Young NBA Stars Remind You Of?

Zion Williamson – Charles Barkley

We’ve seen the unique nature of Zion Williamson’s game. There’s not an exact replica — largely because we’ve never really seen someone possess this type of athletic ability encapsulated in such a unique physique. Still, if we’re to compare Williamson to someone from the past, we’d take Charles Barkley. We see Barkley today as an out-of-shape comedic relief merchant on Inside the NBA. During his playing days, Barkley looked to be built out of granite. He was generously listed at 6-foot-6 — yet was an absolute monster on the boards. Barkley’s athletic ability was sublime, as was his intuitiveness in pursuing the basketball.

Williamson also relies heavily on freakish athleticism when elevating for rebounds. Both players were immensely efficient scoring around the rim, and were virtually impossible to move off the block when contending positionally for rebounds. Ultimately, both are essentially football players competing within the NBA at the very highest level.

Image Source: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports, Getty Images