Which Hall of Famers Do These Young NBA Stars Remind You Of?

Devin Booker – Kobe Bryant

Let us first be clear: Devin Booker will never be as good as the late great Kobe Bryant. Booker isn’t the athlete Bryant was — nor is he as ruthless when it comes to taking over games from a scoring standpoint. Still, it’s hard to argue against the narrative that the two do have some striking similarities. Aside from playing the same position, Booker’s smoothness on the court is quite reminiscent of KB24. He gets to his spots on the floor with ease, and utilizes above-average footwork to create space for himself versus defenders who attempt to hound him.

Like Bryant, Booker isn’t shy in ‘settling’ for mid-range jumpers. He can get to the rim when need be — though prefers to have the ball on the perimeter where he can cook with the ball in his hands. Above all else, Booker is one of the few players currently in the NBA with the ability to go for over 50 points on any single night. We saw this back in 2017 when he scored 70 (!) points against the Boston Celtics. At only 20 years of age, Booker is still the youngest player in NBA history to score both 60 and 70 points in a single contest.

Image Source: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY, Ronald Martinez-Getty Images