Watch LaVar Ball Go Crazy on WWE Monday Night RAW Could the patriarch of the Ball family become a professional wrestler?

We’re going to say it right now: LaVar Ball is a marketing genius.

The father of Los Angeles Lakers draft choice Lonzo Ball is outlandish. He’s also arrogant. Many view him as ridiculous. But he’s also wildly intelligent.

Ball has been the architect of Big Baller Brand — the family company centered around his three basketball-playing sons. While it started modestly in the city of Chino Hills, it’s since grown to ridiculous heights. Take Monday night for example. Ball, Lonzo, and his youngest son LaMelo appeared on WWE Monday Night Raw. The BBB clothing was strewn all throughout the ring, and was also up on the jumbotron.

We then saw LaVar do this…(whatever ‘this’ was):

Suffice it to say, but LaVar looks like an absolute natural as an entertainer.

Image Source: YouTube