VIDEO: Russell Westbrook Responds to Steph Curry’s MVP Pick

The MVP race has tightened up over the past few weeks, with LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and Isaiah Thomas making a strong case for the award along with front-runners, Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Everybody has their own opinion on who they believe should win, including the reigning two-time MVP himself, Steph Curry.

Curry said that he would choose Harden, citing that “you kind of have to reward the better team”. Harden’s Rockets are the surprise of the season, and are currently nine games ahead of Westbrook’s Thunder, validating Curry’s statement. Criteria for the award differs from person to person, but that didn’t stop Russ from having some choice words for Curry when asked about his comments.

Westbrook is notorious for having this sort of brash exterior, and it’s not surprising that he reacted this way when talking about a Warrior – not one of his favorite teams, we would assume. Westbrook will have a chance to further prove his case for the MVP next week, when his Thunder host the Warriors on TNT Monday night and travel to Houston for a game against the Rockets on ABC Sunday night.

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