These NBA Legends Lost Their Fortune

Shawn Kemp

DAN LEVINE/AFP via Getty Images

Shawn Kemp’s career is perhaps one of the greatest “what if’s?” in NBA history. The Reign Man was an insanely gifted basketball player. Kemp possessed jaw-dropping athleticism which allowed him to perform some of the most impressive dunks we’ve ever seen. His synergy with point guard Gary Payton was a sight to behold. Kemp’s career began to spiral after he was traded to Cleveland in 1998, though he enjoyed a 14-year NBA career and made six All-Star teams.

Kemp earned over $90 million from his NBA contracts, and received a massive payday from his sponsorship deal with Reebok. However, as recently as 2021, Kemp’s reported net worth had shrunk to just $5 million. This is primarily due to several failed business ventures, including a sports bar in Seattle which shut down in 2015. In 2020, Kemp opened a cannabis dispensary named Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis.