The Worst All-Stars In NBA History

Mark Eaton – 1989

The 7-foot-4 Eaton stood tall as one of the league’s premier shot blockers for over a decade. In totality, Eaton wasn’t much more than a big center who could protect the rim. Having never averaged double-digits in scoring over a full season, Eaton may hold the mantle as the least impressive scorer in All-Star Game history. Playing alongside Hall of Famers Karl Malone and John Stockton certainly helped his case.

Image Source: Mike Powell/GETTY Images

Dale Davis – 2000

A crucial player in Indiana’s rotation for nine seasons, Davis elevated from his role player status in 2000 when he was selected by the coaches to represent the Eastern Conference in the All-Star Game. Davis was a hard-nosed grinder who made winning plays, but hardly flashed the skill-set of a premier big man. In the ensuing offseason, the Pacers traded their All-Star for a promising power forward named Jermaine O’Neal.

Image Source: Sporting News Archive/GETTY Images