The NBA’s 23 Absolute Worst Top 10 Picks Since 2009

19. Nik Stauskas — 8th Overall, 2014

Stauskas couldn’t have entered the NBA Draft at a better time. With shooting at such a premium, Stauskas projected to be a quality player given his range and ability to handle the rock.

The Michigan product hasn’t been able to find his footing in the big leagues. His play in college masked a lot of weaknesses. In his final year at Michigan, Stauskas was asked to be their pseudo-point guard. He thrived in that role, but in the NBA, he doesn’t have a tight enough handle or enough vision to fill that spot. Instead, the Kings and 76ers asked him to be a J.J. Redick-clone. As good of a shooter as he is, Stauskas isn’t an elite cutter or off-the-ball player.

We’ll see if Brooklyn (or another team) can help Stauskas rediscover his shooting stroke.

Image Source: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY Sports