The NBA All-Star Game Stinks, But Here’s How It Can Be Fixed:

The NBA All-Star Game is terrible. I understand why people get hyped about the NBA’s best players coming together to compete in front of a packed stadium, but therein lies the problem.

The All-Star Game is not competitive – it’s a performance centered around dunking on one another and taking selfies with fans on the sidelines. It’s a brilliant marketing campaign for the NBA, but it deprives us fans of what we actually want to see – the best players in the world competing all-out against one another.

High-scoring matches are somewhat entertaining, but with nothing on the line, who really cares whether the West or East wins 150-148?

There is good news though! The All-Star Game can easily become the best day of the NBA season – all the league needs to do is take a page out of the NHL’s playbook from 60 years ago.

Instead of Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference, the NBA should set up the All-Star Game so that last year’s NBA Champion takes on a collection of the 12 best players (voted by coaches) in the league.

This year, we would get to see the Golden State Warriors (42-4) compete against the best players from the other 29 teams. With Steph Curry & Co looking unstoppable, how exciting would it be to watch guys like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and Chris Paul square off against the champs?

And that brings us to the next question – who would win this hypothetical showdown?