The Most Heated Rivalries in NBA History

Dennis Rodman vs. Karl Malone

JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images

This matchup was a basketball junkie’s dream. You had the greatest scoring forward of all time squaring off against arguably the greatest defensive big man under 7 feet tall. Malone looked as if he was constructed from a block of granite. He had sharper shoulders than anyone to go along with an offensive repertoire his peers only dreamed of having.

While Malone certainly ‘got his’ in these head-to-head battles, Rodman didn’t make things easy. He aimed to beat Malone to spots on the floor — using both quickness and mental aptitude. Whenever a shot went up, a mini-war ensued as to who could secure the rebound. When factoring in the history between the two in multiple NBA Finals, we have to say this is without a doubt an elite rivalry between two awesome competitors.