The MJ Comments Are Idiotic, But When It Comes To Kobe, LaVar Ball Is Just Misunderstood

LaVar Ball went on the Keyshawn, Jorge and LZ Show on ESPN Radio 710 LA on Thursday morning to answer questions about his sonLonzo Ball, and the $495 shoe, among other things. It was a typical 2017 LaVar interview (meaning totally ridiculous), and when he was asked a question about former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, things got even more interesting.

Kobe is over a year removed from playing professional basketball, but his name has circulated mightily during these recent NBA Playoffs. This is mainly due to a story surrounding Bryant lending out his personal wisdom and advice to Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas. Kobe reached out to Thomas after the Celtics dropped the first two games of the postseason to the eight-seeded Chicago Bulls, and Thomas has been on an offensive tear ever since. The 5’9” guard credits his great play to conversations he’s had with Bryant – in which the former Laker has helped the current Celtic break down film and provide guidance.

Thomas is one of many players Bryant has worked with throughout the year to help refine their game. Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving have all sought guidance from Bryant. “I’m around for all the guys,” Kobe said to “Anybody can reach out. It’s an open book.” To the surprise of many, the hyper-competitive Bryant looks to have dialed it back a bit following his retirement, genuinely showing interest in guiding the next generation of stars to even greater heights.

Thus there was no surprise that LaVar was posed with a question about Bryant potentially guiding Lonzo in the near future. Lonzo could be a Laker in the upcoming NBA season, and any potential star that dons the purple and gold will be endlessly compared to the greats that came before them.

The always unapologetic LaVar quickly answered by stating that “I don’t need no advice from Kobe Bryant”, much to the chagrin of the Laker faithful. Denying help from one of the greatest of all-time is sacrilege in the eyes of Laker fans, and surely raises some eyebrows for fans that have been salivating at the idea of drafting Lonzo since his meteoric rise at UCLA.

LaVar has been under constant fire over the past few months for a slew of bizarre claims, but this one is a bit more explainable. LaVar is a smart guy, making it fully reasonable to believe he understands what a double negative is. The quote uses two negative words – “don’t” or do not and “no.” Using those negatives together results in a positive sentence, meaning in actuality, LaVar is admitting that he does need advice from Kobe Bryant. It’s a classic mix-up really.

So there’s no need to worry Laker fans, LaVar is totally on board with his eldest son receiving valuable information from Kobe Bryant.

He said so.

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