The 3 Biggest Losers From The 2016 NBA Draft

3. Washington Wizards

Since the Wizards’ chances of securing a top-3 pick were incredibly slim, the entire draft lottery was an unnecessary exercise for the franchise. Sitting with the 13th best chance at winning the No. 1 pick, the Wizards only had a 0.23% chance of moving into the top-3. And since their first-round pick was only top-9 protected, it was all but guaranteed that the Phoenix Suns would receive their pick.

Even though there was a 99.77% chance of losing the pick though, Washington was still forced to send a representative to the lottery ceremony.

It was a fitting end to an incredibly disappointing season for the Wizards – a team with Eastern Conference title aspirations before the year began. And with many believing they had a legitimate shot at convincing D.C. native Kevin Durant to return home this offseason, the two sides appear to be moving in opposite directions.

While the Wizards are left without a first-round pick and offer a core of John Wall, Bradley Beal and few other intriguing pieces, the Thunder continue to move closer to the NBA Finals.

Simply put, the 2015-2016 season wasn’t kind to the Washington Wizards, and the draft lottery only seemed to twist the knife a bit deeper.

Source: The Washington Times