The 25 Best NBA Players Of The Decade, Ranked

25. Kyle Lowry

The last spot on this list came down to two heady point guards – Rajon Rondo and Lowry. Rondo is certainly the more well-known name having spent the majority of his prime years in Boston. Though Rondo dominated this matchup in the first half of the decade, it’s been all Lowry ever since. Lowry’s made five consecutive All-Star appearances (Rondo hasn’t made one since 2013), and made an All-NBA team more recently (Lowry was a third-team selection in 2016, Rondo last made it in 2012). Both guards have an NBA title, but Rondo’s win wasn’t even in this decade (2008). It’s close, but Lowry has been more consistent and relevant for a bigger portion of this ten-year stretch.

Image Source: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports