The 24 Worst Players Being Paid More Than Steph Curry In 2016-2017

23. Ryan Anderson – Houston Rockets – $18,735,364

In three simple moves, the Houston Rockets have constructed the worst defense in NBA history this offseason:

1. Make James Harden the face of the franchise
2. Make Mike D’Antoni the head coach
3. Sign a stretch-four who is too slow to chase wings and too weak to play post-up defense

With the addition of Ryan Anderson, the Rockets have officially completed the process. The 8-year veteran has never shot better than 44 percent from the field, and ranked 88th out of 95 power forwards in defensive real plus/minus DURING A CONTRACT YEAR. Now that he’s locked in to a four-year, $80 million deal with the Rockets, there’s no telling how bad his defense will be this season.

Source: CBS Sports