The 20 Active NBA Players Who Are Mortal Locks For The Hall of Fame

19. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks

I couldn’t help myself. But when it comes to Giannis, why exercise restraint? Sure it’s early, but The Greek Freak is throwing up a 31-10-5 line, with 1.5 steals and 1.8 blocks. On 58% shooting. Insane. The only hole in his game is at the three-point line, but even without that tool in his bag, he looks like a top three player in the league. This obviously requires me projecting health, but I can’t imagine a player I would feel better about doing that for than Giannis. He runs easily and smoothly and jumps with ease. His size means defenders are less likely to body him on drives, and his slippery moves often avoid contact. As he develops his outside game, he’ll be less dependent on drives, which will help him age. He’s averaged 80 games per season his first four years, so there’s no red flags thus far. He’s leading the league in PER in 2017 and is on pace for 17 Win Shares. He’s clearly trending toward a player with a Hall-of-Fame peak, so the only thing standing in Giannis’s way is his longevity. He seems to be in a good spot in Milwaukee, a team that will be poised to ascend in the East as LeBron declines.

Image Source: Dave Richard/USA TODAY Sports