Stephen Curry’s Greatness Is Recognized Everywhere Except…

Don’t get me wrong, Davidson College worships Stephen Curry. The “baby-faced assassin” elevated Wildcats basketball to unprecedented heights during his time at the university. In fact, head coach Bob McKillop credits Curry as “the biggest catalyst for Davidson basketball that Davidson College has ever had.”

However, that’s not enough to have his jersey hanging in the rafters.

Despite the most three-pointers made in Southern Conference history (414) and leading the Wildcats to the NCAA Tournament in back-to-back years (2008-2009), Curry remains ineligible to have his jersey retired at John M. Belk Arena. Leaving school a year early for the NBA Draft, Davidson has a firm rule that only players who have graduated from the university can have their jerseys retired.

Curry completely understands this, and has made efforts to complete his degree. Unfortunately, Davidson’s lack of summer classes has made this extremely difficult. Too busy terrorizing the league to be taking sociology classes, Curry will have to wait until his NBA career is finished to receive his diploma.

Davidson’s rule is far from surprising for a school that has always held its athletes to high academic standards. But even accounting for this, Stephen Curry seems worthy of being an exception.

While no amount of NBA championships, MVP awards or charitable donations will be enough to make Davidson bend their rules, John M. Belk Arena is missing an important part of its history without the No. 30 jersey hanging.

Source: ESPN, FOX Sports